mornings latelyplease and thank youuntitled (evelyn's remorse)overcast adventures (at the coast)ice cream for breakfast (and the bike that i want)the bow the bottle and the bathroomrainbow squints (afternoons in olympia)untitled (cetology and diminished chords)a fuchsia clowderuntitled (waiting for a care bear stare)cotton candy cream conestring beans and gummi bearsthe afternoon after (taking her home)untitled (rainbow)untitled (broken)more lavender (and more days please)the plum (the tinyloudlast one)untitled (heart juice)growing happy19hundredand86 (unicorns and sherbert)the beginning (of a tiny fairytale)sparklesandponiesanddragonsanddream boatsuntitled (asphaltum)untitled (rust and lavender)untitled (kitten claw)untitled (my little heart)untitled (sellwood bridge)untitled (still life)untitled (rainbow milk)lemon and lavender (cupcakes of course)squirrels are gray (lite brite)salty frustrations (caramel infatuations)delicious distractions (with bacon)white (volkswagens and chocolate chip cookies)expired intentions (spritz cookies)legwarmers and pie (simple perfections)little blue (swifts)kitten's love (spilled milk)sea greens and sea horses (fickle)initial visceral reactions (lollipop)empty suggestions (unicorn)your heart and my lavender jacketfairytale paintingpoem paintingthe plastic painting
(glenn's war of rats on saddled cats)the blue paintinguntitled on salvaged wood panelthe marble painting
(hiding and finding his own marbles)the pink swirl paintingcraving and suppressionthe drawersuntitled verticalalexis's paintingnetty's paintingnetty's little paintingthe telephone paintingthe green paintingglenn's paintingthe red paintingdad's paintingkatie's paintingtaylor's painting